Wurst Plus Three Download

December 13, 2023

This post will provide you a checked and trusted wurst plus three download link!

Wurst Plus three is an open source and free client that can be found on github. The client was roumored to be ratted or to contain malware, none of these roumors where true and as far as we can tell the client is safe to download, I have provided a wurst plus three download link below!

Wurst Plus Three download is linked at the bottom of the page!

Here are some modules offered by the client

  • Crystal Aura
    This module is extremely customizable, there are so many settings it can be confusing but with a good config it can be Powerful.

  • Kill Aura
    This module offers a few settings but is nowhere near as good as other clients.

  • Offhand
    There are not enough settings in my opinion but to be fair the module does work.

  • Surround
    I was actually decently surprised with the surround module. It has a decent amount of settings and works really well.

  • Trap
    I found this module to be slightly inconsistent, sometimes working and sometimes breaking but this could be due to a config issue.

  • Hole Fill
    This module fills safe holes around you, so that your enemies don’t have anywhere to hide. It works decently well but lacks some settings.

  • Hole Esp
    This is a render module that highlights safe holes. It has a few settings and personally I’m a fan of the gradient option.¬†

  • Name Tags
    The nametags module looks clean and is somewhat customizable, but personally I prefer the look of some other clients name tag modules.

More About The Wurst Plus Three Client

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The wurst plus three download will provide the following GUI options.
By default there are lines around all of the module categories, Personally I prefer the look of the client with these disabled.

Overall the gui looks fairly clean and it is somewhat customizable.
One thing I am not a fan of is the color changing system. Yes it does work but I way way prefer the color picking features of other clients.
Another thing Krazzy pointed out to me was the client itself is very inconsistent. Some modules like Camera Clip, Hole ESP or No Render have spaces between the names while others like selfTrap or ViewModel are displayed as one word. This could be due to skidding as everyone has their own way of listing hacks, but it is likely just due to laziness.

The wurst plus three client download link and review video are linked below!

Full InDepth Client Review Video

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The linked video below is part of my CCO (Complete Client Overview) series, a segment I curate on my gaming-centric YouTube channel. This particular episode embodies my commitment to thoroughly test and review various clients to provide you with a convenient, comprehensive overview.

Through this series, I aim to assist and guide my audience by sharing valuable information, making it easier for you to choose a Minecraft Client. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, these episodes are crafted to be an essential resource for your convenience and informed decision-making.

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