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December 28, 2023

I have linked the official Thunder Hack Download link at the bottom of this post!

Named after the well known thunder hack, coordinate explicit,
Thunderhack is a free and open source client made to support Fabric, for the latest versions of Minecraft currently this is version 1.20.2!
Thunderhack was created for crystal HVH or Hacker vs Hacker combat servers.

While Thunderhack is focused on combat modules it does also offer a few render and general utility modules for anarchy servers, but the client clearly has a strong focus on its crystal pvp related modules.

The default Keybind to open Thunderhacks GUI is P and the default client prefix for chat based commands is the @ symbol.

Thunder Hack download is linked at the bottom of the page!

Here are some modules offered by the client

  • Auto Crystal
    This module automatically places end crystals and then explodes them for you.
    The module has an insane amount of settings and when configured correctly it is a very powerful module!

  • AutoAnchor
    This module automatically places respawn anchors and then charges them to blow them up, this module again has an insane amount of settings and works well!

  • AutoBed
    This module automatically spam places beds and blows them up to damage other players around you.

  • CevBreaker
    This module places a block above your opponents head, then places an end crystal above that while mining the block to deal increased damage to your opponent.

  • Kill Aura
    This module automatically attacks nearby players with a sword or Axe, the module again has an insane amount of settings and the module is very effective!

  • SurroundX
    This module surrounds your feet with blocks to protect you from explosions, the module is very customizable and it works great! 

My Own Thoughts On Thunder Hack.

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So in conclusion I really like thunderhack, it genuinely surprised me!
I was not expecting it to be as polished and good as it is.

Thunderhack is clearly focused on its pvp modules though it does also offer a few good utility modules while also offering some really good looking render modules.

Thunderhack is not perfect, no client is
I think the devs need to put a little bit of work into the GUI, with module descriptions and with the click and drag hud editor, but even with those small problems I would recommend Thunderhack over the Meteor Client.

It is also worth noting that
I have seen some videos on youtube of supposedly working exploits for servers like, I don’t currently have priority que so I was not able to test if these exploits still work, but if they do then the client could also be a great choice for anarchy players even if you don’t participate in much Crystal combat.

Full InDepth Client Review Video

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The linked video below is part of my CCO (Complete Client Overview) series, a segment I curate on my gaming-centric YouTube channel. This particular episode embodies my commitment to thoroughly test and review various clients to provide you with a convenient, comprehensive overview.

Through this series, I aim to assist and guide my audience by sharing valuable information, making it easier for you to choose a Minecraft Client. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, these episodes are crafted to be an essential resource for your convenience and informed decision-making.

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