Meteor Crash Add-On Download

December 28, 2023

Todays post will provide you with the original Meteor Crash Add-On Download link!
This post will also provide you with some helpfull information on the Crash Add-On and my own thoughts on it.

Self described as “An addon to Meteor Client that adds various modules designed to lag and crash servers.”

Meteor Crash Add-On download is linked at the bottom of the page!

Here are some modules offered by the client

  • AAC Crash
    This module can supposedly be used to crash servers running the AAC anti cheat.

  • Book Crash
    This module spams the server with unusual or bad book sign packets, which can sometimes lag or crash a server.

  • Crafting Crash
    This module spams a server with craft request packets, this can lag or even crash a server depending on the anti cheat, the module works a lot better if you have planks in your inventory to craft with.

  • Lectern Crash
    When toggled, upon opening a lectern the client will send a packet crafted to lag or crash the server.

  • Message Lagger
    This module sends a dense message with weird characters that can lag a specific player or everyone that has chat enabled.

My Thoughts on The Meteor Crash Add-On.

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Overall the crash addon adds a few interesting modules that work on small servers with bad or outdated anti cheats. I could see this addon being used for trolling small or private servers. 

It is worth noting that while a lot of these crash exploits work, most if not all of them have been fixed on major servers with a high player base. These modules do Not work on big servers like hypixel or servers like 2b2t.

The addon should work on private smp servers or maybe even on smaller lesser known servers.

Full InDepth Client Review Video

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The linked video below is part of my CCO (Complete Client Overview) series, a segment I curate on my gaming-centric YouTube channel. This particular episode embodies my commitment to thoroughly test and review various clients to provide you with a convenient, comprehensive overview.

Through this series, I aim to assist and guide my audience by sharing valuable information, making it easier for you to choose a Minecraft Client. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, these episodes are crafted to be an essential resource for your convenience and informed decision-making.

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