How To Install A Hacked Client

  • Visit our site and select a client from the range offered.
    Each post specifies whether the client supports Forge or Fabric, along with the default keybind for opening the clients GUI.

  • While you are here you can click on the “Official Client Download”
    Please Note: We do not host any files on our site, you will be redirected to the official clients website
    where you can download the client as a .jar file.
  • Once you’ve chosen a client, note if it’s made for Forge or Fabric.

  • Download the corresponding requirement from one of the provided links below!

  • Run the installer you downloaded (either Forge or Fabric) and install a version matching the client version you want to install.

  • Example Installation of  the “Meteor” Client for Fabric:

    As an example I am going to install the Meteor Client for Minecraft 1.20.4.
    Download Fabric and select version 1.20.4 for installation.

  • After downloading the installer open it by left clicking it.

  • Now select a version matching the client version you want to install. In this case that is Minecraft 1.20.4.

  • Now click install, once you get a message saying sucessfull install, you can close the Fabric installer.
  • Open File Explorer and enter %appdata% in the directory bar, then hit Enter.
  • Look for the .minecraft folder and open it.
  • If there’s no “mods” folder, create one by right-clicking and selecting “New” -> “Folder.” Name it “mods” (lowercase).

  • You can now place the jar file you downloaded earlier, in side of this “mods” folder.

  • Close the File Explorer window.
  • Now open Minecraft, and click on the “Installations” tab.
  • Now lets create a new Installation by clicking on the “New Installation” video.
  • Name your new installation, I named Mine “Meteor Client”.

  • Under Version, type “Fabric” and select the Fabric version you installed earlier.
  • You can now click “Create”
    You have now installed a Hacked client for Minecraft!
  • To launch the client find the newely created installation and click “Play”.
  • Your game should now launch with the client installed!

  • If you run into an error here, you may have the wrong version of Forge or Fabric, if you still have issues please contact the owners of the client you are trying to install they should be able to help!