Earth Hack Phobos Download

December 22, 2023

This post will provide you with a safe Earth Hack Phobos download!

Earth Hack is yet another free and open source client that can be found on github.
Both the original github post and gopros releases are listed for download below!
(Unfortunately the gopro release has been removed so only the original download is provided below)

Additionally here are some of the amazing pvp modules offered by the client!


Earth Hack Phobos client download is linked at the bottom of the page!

Here are some modules offered by the client

  • Auto Crystal
    This module has over 30 settings and as is expected from the phobos boys it is a very powerful module.

  • Kill Aura
    This module again has nearly 50 different settings and the module is fast and powerful if you configure it correctly.

  • Offhand
    With over 20 settings this may be the most customizable offhand module I have ever used or reviewed.

  • Surround
    This module surrounds your feet in obsidian, it is fast and again has a lot of settings.

  • Piston Aura
    This module automatically places crystals and then pushes them into other player’s safe holes with pistons. The module itself works but I found it to be a bit inconsistent. This may be caused by my ping.

  • Auto Armor
    This module again has a huge amount of settings and the module itself is reliable and works well!

  • Bed bomb
    This module places and explodes beds in the end and nether dimensions. The module has a lot of settings and works but it isn’t the fastest bed bomb I have ever used.

More on Earth Hack Phobos AKA Phobos New Base

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The release below was provided to github by oHareDaBoss

This client was roumored to be ratted, these claims where not true.
We ran the client to test it and had no issues, so we are happy to say it is safe to use!

This client has some awesome CPVP modules and is amazing for servers like 2b2t, or atleast it was when 2b2t was on 1.12.2
The client is slightly outdated these days, with no support for Minecraft versions beyond 1.12.2.

Full InDepth Client Review Video

pngegg (7)

The linked video below is part of my CCO (Complete Client Overview) series, a segment I curate on my gaming-centric YouTube channel. This particular episode embodies my commitment to thoroughly test and review various clients to provide you with a convenient, comprehensive overview.

Through this series, I aim to assist and guide my audience by sharing valuable information, making it easier for you to choose a Minecraft Client. Whether you’re a seasoned gamer or new to the scene, these episodes are crafted to be an essential resource for your convenience and informed decision-making.

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